Watch This

A horror story with a twist. It was created as part of the Cincinnati 48-Hour Film festival where it picked up a couple of awards. It has gone on to play in several festivals.

There Will Be Blocks
Was an entry in the 48 Hour Film Project. This short picked up three awards including the Audience Award and Runner Up as Best Film. It also won Best in Show at the Austin Comic-Con.

The Target
Entry in the 72 Hour Film Project.

Aidan 5
Award-winning web series I was fortunate to collaborate on. Jump into the action here.

Only for a Moment (2002)
An action-comedy of mistaken identity, international smugglers, and an unlikely love was a Direct-to-DVD feature for Brickhouse Productions.

It’s Out There
The silent tale of invaders from beyond the grave was originally written as part of a Halloween anthology series which aired in Northeast Ohio. The short aired annually before moving off the small screen to make the rounds at several horror/sci-fi festivals.

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