My plays have been produced everywhere from a theatre in New York City to an elevator in Kentucky.

Afterparty – Chagrin Valley Little Theatre; Cleveland

Suddenly Nobody – North Canton Playhouse; Canton

Suddenly Nobody – Parker Theatre; New York City

Reaching Dave – Specific Gravity Ensemble; Louisville, Kentucky

Suddenly Nobody – Foolish Bison Players (Workshop); Columbus, Ohio

It’s For You – Playwrights Circle; Palm Springs

It’s For You – Steel Beam Theatre; Chicago

AlumDie – Theatre Lab; Dublin, Ohio

It’s For You – MadLab; Columbus, Ohio

It’s For You – Creative Place Theatre; New York City

The Restaurant – MadLab; Columbus, Ohio

Me, My Friend and the End – Lovecreek Productions; New York City

The Stones and TV Torture – American Comedy Festival

Eldridge Publishing has made my dinner theatre murder mystery available for groups everywhere. Visit the final (for some) class reunion in Alumdie.

Some Reviews

Chagrin Valley Little Theatre
“The best is Noell Wolfgram Evans’ “Afterparty.” Here the playwright has packed an entire play, plot, characters and all, into a tiny wisp of time. Jack, played by John Busser, and Ann, played by Corinne Halberg, have just returned from a baby shower where John was tossed out for calling the baby ugly. But that’s not the plot at all. As it turns out, Ann is not his wife but is John’s mistress. His wife is somewhere else. Then John gets around to telling Ann that he’s seeing someone else. Now he has two mistresses and a wife. Mr. Busser and Miss Halberg are excellent, while both appear to be having a great time knowing that this little play is outstanding.”
Herb Hammer, The Chagrin Valley Times

Suddenly Nobody
North Canton Playhouse
“…an absorbingly ingenious foray into absurd comedy with moral, or at least philosophic, undertones.”
Tom Wachunas, Artwatch Blog

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