As a writer, I’m not interested in words.

It’s the power behind them that I find amazing. When you put the right words in the right order at the right time the effect can be emotional, memorable, actionable.

I’ve helped global corporations, local non-profits, and everyone inbetween to share their messages, engage with their customers, train their employees, and share their stories.

I’m also a journalist, published author, produced screenwriter, and a playwright with productions across the country – from a theater stage in New York City to an elevator in Kentucky.

The common line between all of it – marketing, advertising, communications, ecommerce, elearning, fiction, plays, non-fiction, short films – is the need for a connection. For sharing stories in a clear, memorable, and impactful way.

Those are the types of stories I tell.

– Noell

What others have to say:

Interesting.” – W. Callan

I worked with him.” – S. Manjensen, Former Co-Worker

Not really my cup of tea.” – T. Farnsberry, Colleague

Yeah…no” – L. Sellsby, Former Client